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In most cases, bad breath is caused by poor hygiene, gum disease, smoking, drinking alcohol or by the consumption of certain foods. A thorough analysis of your general and oral health can help us identify whether the cause of your bad breath is a dental problem or something else.

Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath, is more than the odor caused when you’ve eaten too many onions for lunch or have smoked a cigarette or two. The occurrence of bad breath is much more than an embarrassing social situation to be in. Often, it is caused by a dental issue; other times, it can be an indication of the presence of a more severe problem within one’s body. In any case, evaluation and treatment are necessary. At Dentistry of East Sacramento, we offer treatment for chronic and persistent halitosis caused by dental conditions.

If your bad breath is being caused by oral problems including gum disease, tooth-decay, food stagnation or ill-fitting dentures, then we will administer the appropriate treatment accordingly. This may involve a deep dental cleaning to get rid of plaque and bacteria or a more comprehensive scaling and root planing treatment to treat gum disease.

While these treatments will help restore your breath back to normal, maintaining a good oral hygiene regimen involving daily brushing and flossing and bi-annual dental checkups at our practice will help you keep halitosis at bay. The following tips can help you prevent bad breath:

  • Avoid excessive tobacco use.
  • Thoroughly clean your tongue and the insides of your cheeks while brushing.
  • Limit consumption of sugary and odor-causing foods.
  • Use an antibacterial mouthwash.
  • Drink enough water through the day.

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Renae G.

The (all women) staff is extremely warm and welcoming from the moment you enter. This is probably the best dentist experience I've had here in Sacramento. Definitely check them out!

Alison B.

I had the same dentist for over 20 years and was anxious about switching ( for a closer one). I'm glad To did. The doctor was super friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. I had my appointment at 5 PM (didn't need to miss work) and she offered to do my filling right then and there after she did all the cleaning. My husband really liked her too and got an early AM appointment. I highly highly recommend!!!!!!

Barbara R.

Dr Sabine is a wonderfully gentle and thorough dentist. I've been extremely happy with Dr Sabine, her office and the practice.
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