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Root canal treatment or endodontic therapy involves removing the infected pulp from a tooth and allows us to save the tooth. Contrary to popular belief, root canal is not a painful procedure, and in reality, it helps to relieve the pain of infection.

While our teeth appear solid and hard from the outside, they have an extremely soft inner portion containing nerve fibers. This portion of the tooth is called the pulp, and it houses nerve tissues which supply blood and nutrients to the tooth during developmental stages. When the pulp tissue becomes infected, it can cause sensitivity and pain in the tooth, and if it is not tended to in time, it can cause nerve death and tooth loss.

The most typical causes of a pulp infection are trauma or injury to the tooth, tooth decay that reaches the pulp, and the development of an abscess or infection inside the tooth or at the tip of the root. A pulp infection is indicated by sensitivity and pain while biting and eating hot or cold foods, severe toothache, swelling and tenderness in the gums, and the appearance of an abscess (a pimple) on the gums.

A root canal treatment begins with the use of a local anesthetic to numb the tooth. Then a dental dam is used to separate the tooth and to keep it dry. Next, a tiny hole is cut in the top of the tooth to access the pulp tissue. The infected nerves are removed using small dental instruments, and the space is sealed using an inert filling known as gutta-percha. A temporary crown is placed over the treated tooth for added protection. During your next visit, the temporary restoration is removed, and a permanent crown is fixed on the tooth.

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Renae G.

The (all women) staff is extremely warm and welcoming from the moment you enter. This is probably the best dentist experience I've had here in Sacramento. Definitely check them out!

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I had the same dentist for over 20 years and was anxious about switching ( for a closer one). I'm glad To did. The doctor was super friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. I had my appointment at 5 PM (didn't need to miss work) and she offered to do my filling right then and there after she did all the cleaning. My husband really liked her too and got an early AM appointment. I highly highly recommend!!!!!!

Barbara R.

Dr Sabine is a wonderfully gentle and thorough dentist. I've been extremely happy with Dr Sabine, her office and the practice.
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