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Sealants are a thin, transparent layer of plastic which can be applied to the grooves and depressions in the chewing teeth to prevent cavities. They are most often applied to the permanent teeth of children but can be used for adults as well.

The chewing surfaces of our molars and premolars are perfect spots for cavity-causing bacteria to grow. This is due to the presence of pits and fissures where bacteria and food particles can stick. The bristles of a toothbrush are not fine enough to clean these areas, and this can lead to decay and cavities.

The placement of sealants can decrease the chances of tooth decay by nearly seventy percent, preventing the need for extensive restorations and treatments later in life, and allowing you to protect the health of your teeth. Sealants are highly durable and can protect your teeth for many years.

The application of dental sealants on the teeth is a quick and painless procedure which involves cleaning the teeth and applying a thin coat of the liquid sealant to them. The application only takes about two minutes per tooth, and once the sealant has dried, we check if your biting surfaces are properly sealed, and then you are done.

It is important to brush twice a day, floss once daily, and take care of your dental hygiene after the application of dental sealants. We also recommend visiting our practice for regular dental checkups and professional cleanings during which we will check the condition of your sealants and assess whether re-application is needed.

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Renae G.

The (all women) staff is extremely warm and welcoming from the moment you enter. This is probably the best dentist experience I've had here in Sacramento. Definitely check them out!

Alison B.

I had the same dentist for over 20 years and was anxious about switching ( for a closer one). I'm glad To did. The doctor was super friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. I had my appointment at 5 PM (didn't need to miss work) and she offered to do my filling right then and there after she did all the cleaning. My husband really liked her too and got an early AM appointment. I highly highly recommend!!!!!!

Barbara R.

Dr Sabine is a wonderfully gentle and thorough dentist. I've been extremely happy with Dr Sabine, her office and the practice.
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