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Composite or tooth-colored fillings are made of resin material and are used for restoring the health, aesthetics and function of teeth that are affected by cavities or other damage. At the office of Dentistry of East Sacramento, we recommend the use of composite fillings due to the many advantages they offer.

Custom-made according to the shade of your teeth, tooth-colored fillings offer superior aesthetics. Composite fillings bond to the existing tooth structure, forming a chemical bond that adds to the strength of the tooth structure. Also, as compared to metal fillings, the placement of composite fillings is much less invasive as less of the natural tooth structure needs to be compromised.

The placement of tooth-colored fillings on your teeth usually only takes one visit to our office. The tooth needs to be numbed using a local anesthetic to prevent you from feeling any pain. Making use of dental instruments, the decayed portion of the tooth is removed. The tooth is then cleaned and flushed to disinfect it. Next, a composite material of a color that closely matches the natural shade of your teeth is placed on the tooth. The filling is then carefully shaped, buffed and polished to give it a natural look. Once this has been done, we will check your bite and will adjust the height of the filling if needed.

One should continue to practice good dental hygiene in order to make their fillings last longer and reduce the need for future restorations. This includes brushing two times a day, flossing daily and visiting our office once every six months for cleanings and evaluations. If your filling is damaged, you should immediately contact our office so that we can assess the situation and determine whether it needs to be replaced.

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Renae G.

The (all women) staff is extremely warm and welcoming from the moment you enter. This is probably the best dentist experience I've had here in Sacramento. Definitely check them out!

Alison B.

I had the same dentist for over 20 years and was anxious about switching ( for a closer one). I'm glad To did. The doctor was super friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. I had my appointment at 5 PM (didn't need to miss work) and she offered to do my filling right then and there after she did all the cleaning. My husband really liked her too and got an early AM appointment. I highly highly recommend!!!!!!

Barbara R.

Dr Sabine is a wonderfully gentle and thorough dentist. I've been extremely happy with Dr Sabine, her office and the practice.
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